Armin Shafee

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Armin Shafee is an entrepreneur, certified speaking trainer, peak performance coach and CEO of SalesIn which facilitates the operations for Les Brown Institute Canada, Verbal Aikido International and The GuruBuilder Inc.

Known for his uncanny ability to turn horrible situations into miracles, Armin Shafee is driven to add value and solve problems for entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, trainers and coaches.

Armin specializes in human behaviour and studied the best in the world in changing habits, patterns of thought and emotional intelligence and now utilizes his expertise to elevate his community and his students level of self-awareness and personal power.

Founder of the Elite Speakers Academy, REBORN Experiential Seminars, SalesIn Inc and World Changers Alliance, Armin aims to leave the world better than he found it through his serial businesses and human development projects.

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