Appointment scheduler, CRM system for small business, Gnome Guru

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Are you looking for a customer management app to help book appointments and manage appointments with an easy-to-use appointment calendar? Would you like a CRM app that can automate your business from the palm of your hand?

Gnomguru is designed to help your business by allowing you to manage customers, manage your calendar and even send txt messages to your clients as meeting reminders. You can set yourself tasks and reminders, and by using Gnomguru for customer relationship management can get back to running your business or even just having more down-time with your family and friends!

★ Appointment manager that creates an appointment and notifies your clients through personalized SMS in just 3 touches! It will also automatically remind the client of the appointment 1 day before the meeting (customizable). ★ Simply track all the information pertaining clients. This includes all the customer management, events, services, materials, and products that the client requires or has used in the past. Reports and statistics. ★ Online Booking Page - Our exclusive booking page serves as an alternative to building your own website and enables customers to book appointments with you online. ★ Works anytime, anywhere without relying on internet connection. The data will be restored once you connect to a network.

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