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Amr Shalaby is a freelance photographer based in Alexandria, Egypt.

In 2012 I began working as a wedding photographer Based in Alexandria, EGY. and decided that photographing weddings was the perfect way for me to combine the things I love: fascinating characters, meaningful relationships, and emotional stories. Collecting and preserving pieces of life reminds me to pay attention to how lucky I am. I never feel more energized than on the days when I’m treasure hunting with my camera at a wedding. Categories

  • Senior Sessions
  • Weddings
  • Music Band | Celebrities
  • Maternity | Babies | Family
  • Architecture | Real Estate
  • Corporate
  • Stock Photography Hire Shalaby Now

Phone: +201064026688 Facebook Page Message :

Alexandria Wedding Photographer #wedding #photographer #Alexandrida #wedding_Photographer_based_on_Alexandria #Alexandria_Wedding_photographer

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