Al Doha - الضحى

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Aldoha Company for food stuff is one of the leading companies in the field of processing food products and packaging in the Egyptian market Aldoha was founded in 1980, since that time Aldoha passed through great past and now we are craving a widely presence for great future in the field of packaged dried foods We were keen to invest all new technologies to our industry and we continue to introduce a wide variety of products that fulfill our customer’s expectations, as we offer the best natural nourishment which might be used for any dried foods ever, We Now offer an extensive range of products that include “ Rice, Sugar, Flour, Beans and Spices ”

Today, we are working with the latest technologies to produce a good product which guarantee the best quality to our customers inside the local and the international market. For us, Quality is everything. It's Our Strength, Our Passion; it enables us to delight our customers with the best of the best products.

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