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The work of Age of Craft is organized in such a way to make the entire process, from ordering to a ready item getting, as convenient for you as possible. Experienced staff will help you to choose a particular model of armor, which will correspond to a desired period, region, as well as level of protection. During execution of an order our manager provides you information concerning the status of your order, which also allows making adjustments within the production process. For those who wish to make sure the armor is reliable, we organize and video record crash tests before sending the ready product, thus you can be sure you get the armor offering maximum protection.

Good armor is expensive, so in order to eliminate concerns about the payment, we offer you a convenient and secure scheme of payment – you pay 40% before the start of the production process and 60% after approval of goods (we send you photos and crash test results). Also, if the ordered items do not fit you, they can be returned or exchanged within 14 days after the receipt.

And of course, the most important advantage is the positive responses and recommendations of numerous fighters, participants of BN and many other events, those who have been using armor produced by Age of Craftfor many years.

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