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ABC News provides a selection of news and information from across Australia and around the world. This is an official Australian Broadcasting Corporation Facebook page.

The ABC has an unequalled network of news-gathering resources with more than a thousand journalists, major newsrooms in every capital city in Australia; 49 regional bureaux around the country, and a dozen international bureaux around the world, including Russia, Japan and the Middle East.

In 2010, ABC News built on its commitment to live coverage of rolling news events and breaking news, with the launch of ABC News 24. Australia’s first, free-to-air 24-hour television news channel, ABC News 24 is designed for all digital platforms enabling you to know what’s going on in your world now – on TV, online and on mobile – becoming a leader in multi-platform delivery.

The ABC News Division also produces more than 25 television and radio programs, for ABC1 and ABC News 24, and ABC Radio networks, as well as producing tens of thousands of pages of online content each year.

On ABC TV our news programming reaches 7.6 million Australians each week. On ABC Online, ABC News and Current Affairs content is accessed by an average of 1.7 million Australians a month, and across our radio networks, ABC News programs and bulletins are heard by approximately 5 million listeners a week.

The Asia Pacific News Centre (APNC) based in Melbourne has 60 journalists dedicated to 24-hour cross-platform coverage of Asia and the Pacific. The Asia Pacific News Centre was launched in November 2008, merging the news resources of Radio Australia and Australia Network.

The ABC provides more news and current affairs to more people through radio, television, online and broadband services than any other media organisation in Australia.

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