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Aalim is an Islamic guidance system. Aalim is derived from the word ‘ilm, meaning knowledge or the pursuit of knowledge.
Currently you may ask Aalim for
1. Prayers timings for a day for any US city. it also tells you Suhoor end, Sunrise and Sunset time
2. The time of the your next prayer for a city
3. Converts a date to Islamic/Hijri date
4. Get next Islamic/Hijri holiday
5. Ask for When is Ramadan or Eid

You can say HELP to listen how to use the Aalim.

You may also ask Aalim to use Hanafi prayer time calculation.
Aalim gives you Imsaak (Suhoor end ) time which will help you when fasting.

Its just beginning, Aalim will continue to grow its knowledge-base to help you better and keeps you stay productive.

Aalim is using . Calculation method is ISNA and High Latitude Method is Angle based. default school is standard (shafi) however you can ask time based on Hanafi by saying USE HANAFI.
Please note that given the nature of the computation, Hijri date related conversions may be be off by one day. Always check with your local mosque to confirm.

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