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If you wish to be heard in the noise of this world, let your soul be dominated by a single idea. It is the man with a single idea who creates political and social revolutions, establishes empires and gives law to the world. AllamaIqbal (RA) O Allah, grant us this piece of land where we would be able to live our lives in accordance with the laws given to us by You in the Quran, and exemplified for us by the most revered and beloved, Syyedina RasulAllah (SAW).This was the prayer throbbing in every true Muslim's heart in the pre-partition subcontinent, and then with eager ears and tearful eyes, they ultimately heard the announcement: This is radio Pakistan. Thus began the largest migration recorded in history and the heavens also witnessed the most brutal massacre of humanity ever. Those who had dwelled as next-door neighbors for decades became scavengers over night. Train after train entered Lahore, carrying the mutilated, slaughtered bodies of Muslim immigrants, caravan after caravan was attacked and no one spared, elderly, infants, young innocent girls, pregnant women, unarmed men, all were preys to the beasts of revenge. Most of our elders paid a very heavy price for the fulfillment of this dream, they were either slaughtered or lost everything they owned; the nation lost many of its gems. They stayed back and sent their loved ones ahead with the confidence that they will fulfill the promise and complete the dream. InshAllah

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